About Us

RtTech Software develops solutions to help manufacturing companies improve their asset availability, asset utilization and utilities consumption. We want to help companies use their data to give them valuable information in real-time to help them increase their production volume and quality, while reducing their costs and ultimately improving their performance.

Our footprint spans across the globe, helping companies get the most out of their supply chain & maximizing profit.

Our Team

Pablo Asiron, P.Eng. – CEO


First as a chemical engineer, and then as a product manager for an international software company, Pablo has worked within many industrial environments and understands the needs of operators, plant managers, and executives in these industries.

Pablo brings over 18 years of experience in the areas of consulting, process control, information systems, business development and management. Throughout his career, Pablo has developed a consistent track record in leadership, successful team building and proven business results.

As CEO of RtTech Software, Pablo is committed to developing solutions that make it easier for companies to make sense of their data and make confident decisions that will improve their bottom line.

Keith Flynn, P.Eng. – CTO


Keith has over 16 years of industry experience and is a principal partner at ADM Systems Engineering. As CTO of RtTech Software, Keith continues to be an integral part of the development of RtDuet and RtEMIS.

Keith currently oversees the product development team to ensure that RtTech’s products integrate the best technical capabilities and deliver the most effective results for our customers.